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3M Silver Protector Strips - 8 Qty

Anti-Tarnish Strips - Incorporating 3M Tarni-Shield Technology!

3M Silver Protector Strips help to inhibit tarnish on your instrument. 8 sheets per pack.

Anti-Tarnish Strips Q & A
Q: What are Anti-Tarnish Strips?
A: They're a special absorbent paper that incorporates 3M Tarni-Shield Technology. They protect jewelry, flatware, serving pieces, musical instruments, trophies and other items from unsightly discoloration and tarnish. Strips protect silver, nickel, copper, bronze, brass, tin and gold. 

Q: How long will these strips protect?
A: Approximately 6 months in a jewelry case or other enclosed area.

Q: Are the Strips safe?
A: Yes, completely safe and non-toxic. They do not emit anything, and they leave no residue on the metals being protected.

Basic instructions:
      Remove the Anti-Tarnish Strips from container and place them near polished metal in an enclosed area. Use strips in jewlery cases, storage bags or boxes, china cabinets, silverware chests, musical instrument cases or trophy cases. One strip protects one cubic foot of air space. Store unused strips in a sealed, airtight bag.