Forty Little Pieces (with audio access)
flute, piano, internet audio access)
Louis Moyse
G. Schirmer Inc
Product Code
40 Little Pieces

40 Little Pieces 

Edited by Louis Moyse
For Flute, Piano, and internet audio access included (recorded performances and accompaniments online)

This update of a classic offers both a performance track, along with a piano accompaniment.  These enhanced audio access recordings also include tempo adjustment software for computer use only, and allows the flutist the freedom to adjust both the tempo and pitch elements.  The performance track is by Caen Thomason-Redus on flute, with piano accompaniments shared by Elena Abend and Jeannie Yu.

Gavotte, Gavotte, March, Menuet (Johann Sebastian Bach) 
Menuet, Musette, Polonaise (Johann Sebastian Bach)
Aria, Bourree, Gavotte, Menuet (George F. Handel)
Menuetto (George F. Handel)
Allegro, Andante, Arietta (Joseph  Haydn)
 Little Dance, Little Piece (Joseph  Haydn)
Serenade (Joseph  Haydn)
Ah Vois Dirai-Je Maman (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)
Allegro, Ariette (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) 
Menuet of Mr Duport (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)
Minuet, Minuet (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) 
Adieu to the Piano, Minuetto (Ludwig van Beethoven)
Scotch Dance, Sonatina (Ludwig van Beethoven)
Andante, Andantino (Franz  Schubert) 
Country Dance, Menuet  (Franz  Schubert) 
Moment Musical, Waltz (Franz  Schubert) 
About Strange Lands & People (Robert  Schumann)
Humming Song, Little Piece (Robert  Schumann)
Melody, The Reapers Song (Robert  Schumann)
Soldiers March (Robert  Schumann)

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