A Day in the Forest of Dreams(WW5,pf)
Southern Music Company
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"First Glimpses of Sunlight" has a brief introductory passage, a kind of pronouncement of the arrival of sunlight. This is followed by a series of repeated D's in the piano with the woodwinds darting in and out with arpeggios and other melodic material. After this section reaches its climax, another theme is introduced and developed. Sections of this movement is written as a free form fantasy which progresses from the first glimpse of sunlight to the full manifestation of the day. "Afternoon Dance" is a scherzo in sonata-allegro form. After a brief piano introduction, the syncopated first theme is followed by a more lyrical second theme. The development utilizes fragments of the first theme along with new material. This movement has many shifts of meter, rhythmic syncopations and highly contrapuntal sections. These elements combine to elicit a feeling of perpetual motion, making the movement have a dance-like quality.