A Fisherman's Tale
interchangeable 5-part woodwind ensemble
Eighth Note Publications
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Ryan Meeboer parts and score Duration 2:50 inspired by music of Newfoundland Part 1. flute (or oboe or clarinet) Part 2. flute (or oboe or clarinet) Part 3. clarinet (or alto sax or F horn) Part 4. clarinet (or alto sax or tenor sax) Part 5 bass clarinet (or bassoon or baritone sax) optional percussion. triangle, suspended cymbal, cabasa, tambourine, claves

Using the style and harmonic texture of Canadian folk songs from the east coast and the story telling features of Newfoundland, A Fisherman's Tale is a piece about a trip out into the ocean. The piece opens with the solemn, chorale-like movement Farewell, as the fisherman leaves his home and family to begin the excursion, and closes with Return to Harbour, an up tempo movement representing the worker's successful homecoming. Parts are as follows: part 1-flute, oboe, clarinet; part 2-flute, oboe, clarinet; part 3-clarinet, alto sax, F Horn; part 4-clarinet, alto sax, tenor sax; part 5-bass clarinet, bassoon, baritone sax, percussion(triangle, suspended cymbal, cabasa, tambourine, claves).