A Journey for Two Flutes - Flute Duets for All Ages (score form)
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Composer and multi-reedist Matt Renzi comes from a very musical family, including a father who played flute in the San Francisco, and a grandfather who played oboe in Toscanini's NBC Orchestra. He has composed 16 duets that are meant to be used by the teacher/student or two students. The material is fairly easy and can be fun for professionals to read through as a warm-up as well. The pieces are aimed toward the beginning or intermediate flute student and are a ‘hands on’ approach to playing music with other musicians. This book is unique in that:

Each duet is graded on a scale from 1 to 3 depending on the technical difficulty
The range of both parts are fairly easy, the highest note D3 and the lowest note D
Each duet contains supplementary exercises in technical proficiency for the teacher to assign to their students for preparation.

The duets consist of various moods as well as textures. Some duets start in one key and modulate quickly through various keys while others are written in modes (Dorian, Phrygian, etc.) so the student can become familiar with more contemporary harmony. This book is written in score form - there are no separate parts.

Spring Tune
Magic Mountain
Rolling Along
Long Tone Study
Bumpy Road
Dorian Blue
Phyrigian March
Follow the Leader
A Winter Tale
Juggler's Song
Round Robin
Country Dance
Seconds and Fourths
Out West
A Chromatic Adventure 

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