A Tangled View
3 flutes
Forest Glade Music
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A Tangled View composed by Senchuk
Written for 3 Flutes: 3 C flutes (flute 2 doubles the Alto and flute 3 doubles the Bass)
Includes score and parts

The idea behind the piece was to explore the struggle we all face to find the truth in a time of conflicting information and disinformation. The piece is in three distinct sections. The first opens with a slow chord progression that builds to a lively discourse between the three flutes. They pass lines amongst themselves, as if questioning(in one's own mind) the validity of an idea. The slow middle section subtitled Elegy: Gregg's Song, is in rememberance of a friend that left us early in 2003. Gregg recounted a performance of an Oliver Messiaen organ work and this movement is composed as a hymn-like tune that makes use of one of Messiaen's signature "Modes of Limited Transposition". The notes of this section are drawn exclusively from one of these modes. A solo by Flute 1 takes us to the fast final section. Marked "Angry", it makes use of aggressive rhythmic figures and changing textures. The angry tone of this section reflects the bitter disillusionment of being misled.