Album for Piccolo and Piano (Volume 1)
piccolo, piano
Trevor Wye
Broeckmans & Van Poppel
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Album for Piccolo & Piano
Volume 1 - Solos by Damare, Brockett, Le Thiere and Moore
For Piccolo and Piano

"Piccolo players have for the past century been blessed, or cursed, with piccolo solos to be played either in the concert hall or on the bandstand. There were even piccolo "specialists" who earned a living in this way, travelling from town to town as soloists. Out of nearly one hundred pieces, I have selected these popular solos by Damare, Brockett, Le Thiere and Moore, in the hope that they will provide good practice material and showpieces for the smallest member of the flute family. I am unfamiliar with relevant biographical data on Brockett, Le Thiere or Moore. There is more to say about Damare. Eugene Damare was born in Bayonne in 1840. He acquired a reputation not only as a flautist and piccolo soloist but also as the conductor of L'Orchestre des Fetes de l'Hotel de Ville de Paris. His status as Officer de l'Academie is a mark of the respect that was accorded to him. He composed more than 400 pieces, including a few dozen polkas, waltzes and suchlike for piccolo with piano or orchestra accompaniment. His Methode de Flute and his Etudes are worthy of mention. Damare died in 1919. The sources consulted for this album are late 19th and early 20th-century editions to which, apart from corrections to a few obvious mistakes, this edition adheres exactly. - Trevor Wye

Le Roitelet - Polka (Damare)
The Mocking Bird - Polka (Brockett)
L'Oiseau du Bois - Polka (Le Thiere)
The Merry Linnett - Bolero (Moore)