Flute Headjoint: Britannia silver (.958) cut

.958 Britannia Silver: Comprised of 95.8% silver, Britannia Silver offers a dark, rich color without sacrificing brilliance. 

Headjoint Features:
Classic Cut headjoint - with it's oval shaped embouchure hole, produces a sweet sound with flexibility and penetrating projection. Renowned for producing the trademark Altus sound, the Classic cut is standard on all models. 

Z-CUT - This cut has a more rectangular shape and minimal over and undercutting, produces a quick response without sacrificing agility. It offers full projection over the entire range of the flute and a darker more dramatic tone color. 

V CUT - The newest cut from Altus is the new handcut "V" cut, which has a relatively oval embouchure hole. The lip plate has a dramatic angle at the blowing edge. It's more powerful than the Classic or Z cut, and has a gorgeous colorful sound. 

Headjoint riser/lip plate metal combinations are available for most headjoints by SPECIAL ORDER ONLY.  Please contact us for more information.