Flute d'amore: Seamed Britannia (.925) headjoint, body and footjoint, silver plated keys, SP-1 springs, offset G, split E mechanism, soldered C# tone hole, drawn tone holes, plateau (closed hole) keys. In the key of Bb (or key of A for an additional cost).

Altus Flute d'amore - for the transposing woodwind doubler or the flutist who wants to incorporate the sultry sound of the d'amore into their repertoire.  While slightly longer and wider than the C flute, the d'amore feels much like the C flute to play.  Its tone quality presents a totally new set of colors to add life to the creative process.  This flute is available in the keys of Bb or A, and it comes with either the B or C footjoint options.

The flute d'amore is available by SPECIAL ORDER ONLY.