Product card Instruments  Altus Flutes
Handcut 14K gold headjoint, 14K gold body and footjoint, .925 sterling silver keys, French (open hole), drawn tone holes, pointed key arms, SP-1 springs, C# trill, D# roller, B footjoint

Altus Professional flutes models are distinguished by a variety of tube materials and manufacturing techniques. Standard features include the Altus/Bennett scale, exclusive SP-1 springs, drawn or soldered tone holes, soldered, French-pointed keys, hand-carved lip plates, gizmo key, and D# roller. Altus Gold Flutes - with the same features and handwork found on all Altus Professional models, players can indulge in the ultimate luxury in flute playing.

Altus Gold Flutes are available by SPECIAL ORDER ONLY. Please contact us for possible in stock flutes, or for more information