Antiquities of Scottish Music POP 11/30/16
flute, CD, whistle, chords
Donna Gilliam and Mizzy McCaskill
Mel Bay Publications
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This collection of carefully selected literature represents gems of traditional Scottish music. Includes a wide variety of jigs, reels, hornpipes, strathspeys, airs, & ballads arranged for flute and/or D whistle with piano accompaniment. All pieces are written in the keys of D, G, A to accommodate the range of fingerings available for simple system flutes, D-whistle and Boehm-style flutes. This collections arranged in performance sets with piano accompaniment, and presents both ornamented and unadorned flute/ whistle versions for each piece. Song lyrics and suggested guitar chords further enhance these melodies for practice or performance. Intermediate in difficulty. Includes a performance CD that contains the eleven ornamented sets in the book on either flute or tin whistle.

Contents :

  • A Cogie Of Ale And A Pickle Ait Meal 
  • As A Thoiseach 
  • Auld Rob Morris 
  • Battle Of The Boyne 
  • Biodag Air Macthomais 
  • Bishop Burnet's Descent Into Hell 
  • Captain Keeler 
  • Charlie Stewart 
  • Come Under My Plaidy 
  • Comely Garden 
  • Cut Fingering Chart for the Boehm (silver) Flute  
  • Cut Fingering Chart for the Tin Whistle  
  • Cuttymun And Treeladle 
  • Glen Ogle 
  • Jenny's Bawbee 
  • John McAlpin  
  • Johnie Armstrang 
  • Johnnie Cope 
  • Jumpin John 
  • Kenmore Lads 
  • Lady Mary Stopford 
  • Lord Down 
  • Marquis Of Tullibardine 
  • Miss Betsy Robertson 
  • Miss Forbes' Farewell To Banff 
  • Miss Hog, Newliston 
  • Mrs. Forbes 
  • Mrs. Morthland 
  • Mrs. Oswald Of Auchincruive 
  • North Highland Country Dance 
  • North Highland Country Jig 
  • Our Ain Bonny Laddie 
  • Sir Robert Peel 
  • Sweetest May 
  • The Battle Of Corichie, On The Hill Of Fair 
  • The Bridge Of Inver 
  • The Brig o' Tilt  
  • The Drunken Wife 
  • The Fairy Dance 
  • The Gathering Rant 
  • The Highlandmen came down the Hill  
  • Tin Whistle Fingering Chart  
  • To Daunton Me 
  • To The Weaver's Gin Ye Go 
  • Tullochgorum 
  • Will Ye Go To Flanders, My mally, O?