Argentinian Tango and Folk Tunes
2 flutes, CD
Ros Stephen
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Argentinian Tango and Folk Tunes for Flute
41 Traditional Pieces edited by Ros Stephen
Includes Flute Score and Accompaniment CD

Argentinian Folk Tunes for Flute presents a collection of beautiful pieces arranged for two flutes with chords for accompanying instruments, drawn from the rich tradition of Argentinian music. Highly regarded performer author and teacher Ros Stephen provides notes on all of the pieces, explaining their background and history. The volume is accompanied by a CD with a recording of all tunes.

1. Por Una Cabeza (Tango Cancion) ( Gardel and Le Pera)
2. El Choclo (Tango) (Villoldo)
3. El Entrerriano (The first published tango, written in 1887) (Mendizabal)
4. Comme Il Faut (Tango) (Arolas)
5. El Marne (Tango) (Arolas)
6. Retintin (Tango) (Arolas)
7. Hasta El Dia Del Regresso (Nuevo Tango) (Rosser)
8. El Petirrojo (Milonga Ciudadana) (Stephen)
9. El Portenito (Milonga Ciudadana) (Villoldo)
10. Milonga Rulito (Milonga Ciudadana) (Rowlands)
11. Milonga Pampeana (Milonga Campera) (Stephen)
12. Suerte Negra (Tango Vals) (Gardel and La Pera)
13. Mas o Menos (Tango Vals) (Stephen)
14. La Belgique (Tango Vals) (Villoldo)
15. La Alabanza (Chacarena Simple) (Traditional)
16. El Rio Dulce (Chacarera) (Stephen)
17. La Flauta del Gaucho (Chacarena Simple) (Stephen)
18. La Chacarera de Nuestros Adios (Chacarera Doble Trunca) (Stephen)
19. La Flor Del Chanar (Chacarera Simple Trunca) (Stephen)
20. La Pollona (Chamame) (Traditional)
21. Aguara Pope (Chamame) (Traditional)
22. Maria Pecuri (Chamame) (Traditional)
23. Chamame Del Jacaranda (Chamame) (Stephen)
24. Naipi y Taroba (Chamame) (Stephen)
25. El Urutau (Chamame) (Stephen)
26. El Coati (Chamame) (Stephen)
27. Manchay Puito (Yaravi/Carnavalito) (Traditional)
28. Gato Cordobes (Traditional)
29. Gato Correntino (Traditional)
30. Los Amores (Baile Pampeano) (Traditional)
31. Viva Jujuy (Bailecito) (Traditional)
32. El Cuando (Danza Tradicional) (Anonymous)
33. La Arunguita (Danza Tradicional) (Traditional)
34. El Palito (Danza Tradicional) (Traditional)
35. El Escondido (Danza Tradicional) (Traditional)
36. La Remesura (Danza Tradicional) (Traditional)
37. Zambia de Vargas (Zamba) (Anonymous)
38. Amame Mucho (Zamba) (Villoldo)
39. La Familiar (Zamba) (Anonymous)
40. Cuando La Luna Nace (Cueca Puntana) (Rodriguez)

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