Art of Flute Playing
Summy Birchard
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The Art of Flute Playing
by Edwin Putnik
Published Summy Birchard

      Part I of this book is specifically designed to serve as a guide for the instruction of beginning students of the flute. With only a few exceptions, however, the concise principles presented here are valid for all levels of flute performance. Considerable emphasis is placed upon pedagogy at the beginning level, in the hope of helping the many non-flutists teaching in school music programs. Continuing development of such basic principles as tone and articulation, and the many aspects of artistic performance are treated in detail in Part II.
      The instrument primarily considered throughout the first part of this work is the one most widely in use: the metal C flute with closed G sharp key, and either closed or open holes. Other types of flutes, including the piccolo, are considered in later chapters.

Part 1: Basic Pirnciples and Pedagogy
Chapter 1. The Instrument
Chapter 2. Playing Position
Chapter 3. Basic Embouchure
Chapter 4. Basic Articulation
Chapter 5. Breath Control
Chapter 6. Beginning Instruction
Part 2: Artist Performance
Chapter 7. Tonal Development
Chapter 8. Articulation
Chapter 9. Technical Development
Chapter 10. Pointers on Performance
Chapter 11. Performance on Other Flutes