Bach - Exercitium: Preludes, Fantasies, Toccatas, Exercitium
Alphonse Leduc
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Bach - Exercitium: Preludes, Fantasies, Toccatas, Exercitium for Solo Flute
Arranged by Jean-Claude Veilhan

The title of this volume refers to that of a monodic "exercise" (Pedal-exercitium) composed by J.S. Bach for the solo pedals of an organ. The spirit of this piece can also be compared with the virtuoso monologue sequences introduced by the composer into the present Preludes, Fantasias and Toccatas, long chains that stretch from one end of the keyboard or the harpsichord to the other. It is indeed well-known that the famous Toccata and Fugue in d minor for organ was perhaps originally intended for the solo violin, hence the publisher's attempt at imitating the composer by offering a monodic version of these masterly pieces, first on account of their beauty, secondly because they constitute for the contemporary Boehm flute a hitherto unrealized repertory of transcendental studies exploiting the whole range and speed capabilities of the instrument.

Fantasia in C Major (BWV572)
Preludio in a minor (BWV543)
Preludio in F Major (BWV541)
Preludio in d minor (BWV535)
Toccata in G Major (BWV916)
Preludio in e minor (BWV923a)
Toccata in Bb Major (BWV564)
Fantasia in g minor (BWV542)
Preludio in D Major (BWV556)
Preludio in D Major (BWV966)
Preludio in b minor (BWV544)
Preludio in Eb Major (BWV553)
Preludio in Eb Major (BWV536)
Toccata in c minor (BWV914)
Preludio in A Major (BWV531)
Toccata in f# minor (BWV910)
Preludio in f# minor (BWV559)
Preludio in Ab Major (BWV550)
Preludio in f minor (BWV558)
Pedal-Exercitium in f minor (BWV598)
Preludio in E Major (BWV560)
Preludio in c# minor (BWV549)