Barrere Album, The
flute, piano
G. Schirmer
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The Barrere Album Nocturne and Seventeen Transcrptions
by Georges Barrere for Flute and Piano

The flute and piano pieces included in this album may be used with equal success on recital programs, as encore selections, or for teaching.  At the time they were published, the baroque revival had not yet begun, and the works of Aubert, Gluck, Leclair, and Mondonville were novelties.  Other pieces, by Fauré, Saint-Saëns, and Wormser, are they work of Barrere's colleagues in France. Along with the pieces by Bach, all were staples of Barrére's repertoire.  They have long been out of print, and it is wonderful to have them again in an album, along with the Nocturne, Barrere's only original solo piece for his instrument.

 Air (Jacques  Aubert)
Arioso (Johann Sebastian Bach)
Bourrée (Johann Sebastian Bach)
Siciliano (Johann Sebastian Bach)
 Nocturne (Georges Barrére)  
Andantino (Gabriel Fauré)
Gavotte (C. W. von Gluck)
Scene  (C. W. von Gluck)
Tambourin  (C. W. von Gluck)
Gigue (Jean-Marie LeClair)
Musette (Jean-Marie LeClair)
 Tambourin (Jean J. C.  Mondonville)
Menuetto (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozar)
Le Cygne (Camille Saint-Saëns)
Pavane(Camille Saint-Saëns)
The Prophet Bird (Robert Schumann)
Un Air Ancien (Nicolai  Tcherepnin)
Madrigal (André Wormser)