Birds of a Feather
2 flutes (2nd flute doubles on piccolo), piano
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Birds of a Feather composed by Mark Phillips
Written for two Flutes (2nd Flute doubles on Piccolo) and Piano
Includes score and parts 
Duration: 11 min.

Contemporary; makes use of extended techniques: flutter tongue, pitch bends, sudden cresc/dim.

"Birds of a Feather was commissioned by Jill Felber for her London debut with flutist Claudia Anderson.  It has three interconnected contrasting movements. The rhapsodic first movement juxtaposes flute duets and solo piano in a loose series of cadenzas, varying between controlled improvisation and fully notated passages. The slow, ethereal second movement features a long melodic flute solo, which seems to float free of the steady plinking of the piano.  Occasional low-register piccolo interjections eventually coalesce into a playful cadenza-like duet between piccolo and piano which leads directly into the third and final movement.  This finale opens with big-jazz influenced chord voicings in the piano while the flutes trade complementary riffs.  These elements recur at key moments and lend a jazzy flavor to much of the finale.  Other parts of the movement are characterized by driving sixteenth note runs in the piano and intricate sixteenth-note interplay between the two flutes that recalls the opening movement duets- though with more propulsive energy than before." -Program Notes by Mark Phillips