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Derfler; McIntyre; Lassonde; Stephen; Keefer; Norris

With Amy Hamilton, Flute

Flute quartets written by Canadian composers and recorded by Quartet Laurier.

Amy Hamilton - Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Music - has completed annotated bibliographies of music for flute and piano and flute chamber music in the Canadian Music Centre collection, and this recording is the result of music discovered in this research. These works were previously unrecorded, and this new CD will make this interesting Canadian music more accessible for teachers, scholars and performers. The music covers a wide range of styles and levels of difficulty, and the youngest students as well as professionals will find this to be interesting new repertoire. Works include the beautifully lyric quartets of David L. McIntyre, Carl Derfler and Roberta Stephen, the atonal and brilliantly orchestrated “Euphonie fantasmique” for piccolo, C flute, alto and bass flutes by Claude Lassonde, “The Undertow” by Euphrosine Keefer which incorporates great special effects and a piccolo quartet by Sally Norris, a Laurier graduate. This recording along with scores and parts are available through the Canadian Music Centre. Quartet Laurier members are Laurier faculty and alumni.

Derfler - Flute Quartet No. 1 (4 Flutes)
McIntyre - Argyle Street (Piccolo, C-Flute, Alto Flute, Bass Flute)
Lassonde - Euphonie fantasmique (4 Flutes)
Stephen - The Lone Wild Bird (4 Flutes)
Stephen - The Clamour of Wild Birds (4 Flutes)
Stephen - Soaring (4 Flutes)
Keefer - The Undertow starless night-moving onward-the undertow (4 Flutes)
Norris - Writing the voice, at a distance No. 2 (4 Piccolos)