Celtic Music for Flute & Guitar (CD)
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Celtic Music for Flute and Guitar with CD
Arranged by: Walsh
Publisher: A.D.G. Productions
Instrumentation: Flute and Guitar

Celtic Music for Flute and Guitar by Allan Alexander and Jessica Walsh (flute) contains 20 songs transcribed for guitar and a separate section for flute, most of them originating from Ireland and Scotland as well as charming original pieces written in the Celtic style by Allan. The music is presented in both music notation and guitar tablature (for people that do not read music). Play the beautiful haunting melodies of the Irish Harper O'Carolan, take a musical journey with dances that were written more than 400 years ago. The CD that accompanies the book, is masterly recorded by Allan and Jessica giving the musician an in depth listening experience of these great performers and will certainly make the learning process easier.

Pieces Include: 

Music printed in music notation and guitar tablature. 
Nynth Gwcw
Cary Jane
Song of the Chanter
A Lilt
Road to Listonvarna
Carolan's Farewell
Jenny Pluck Pears
The Excile Song
Kathrine Bairdie
Pastheen Fionn
My Thousand Times Beloved
Linda's Love
Heartland Air
Mrs. Farrell
Rug Muis Mac de Dhia
Carolan's Memories
Seperation of Soul and Body
Woe Betyd Thy Wearie Bodie
Manx Lullaby

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