Celtic Music for Flute & Piano
flute, piano, CD
Allan Alexander and Jessica Walsh
A.D.G. Productions
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Celtic Music for Flute and Piano is a Flute and Piano version of the very successful book, "Celtic Music for Flute and Guitar." Guitarists aren't always easy to find, and many flute players have requested that we publish a flute and piano version. The piano score has the piano left & right hand parts along with the flute melody (see pdf file below), the flute score is a pull out section that can be played by the flute player away from the piano score.

Nyth Gwew | The Exile Song | A Lilt | Song of the Chanter | Cary Jane | Carolan's Farewell | Mrs Farrell | Hewlett | Blythe Was the Time | Kathrine Bairdie | Heartland Air | The Road to Listonvarna/The Morris Dance | Carolan's Memories | Jenny Pluck Pears | Separation of Soul and Body | Woe Betyd Thy Wearie Bodie | LInda'slove | My Thousand Times Beloved | Rug Muire Mac do Dhia | Pastheen Fionn | Manx Lullaby