Chiese Serenissime
flute, oboe, piano*
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Chiese Serenissime
By Richard Arnest
For Flute, Oboe and Piano
* The second movement requires alto flute and english horn
Score and Parts

The four movements of what is, in essence, a Baroque sonata da chiesa honor churches in the lovely and asymmetrical city of Venice.
The first movement pays respect to the Chiesa dei Santi Giovannie e Paolo (colloquially "Zanipolo").  In 1500 Petrus Castellanus held the post of maestro di capella at this church, the largest in Venice.  Castellanus had the honor of editing the first book of music printed from movable type, Ottaviano dei Petrucci's Harmonice Musices Odhacaton A, published in Venice in 1501.  The modal, chantlike second movement is dedicated to the renowned Basilica di San Marco.  The third movement, in a style which permeates the city to this day, gives the nod to the Chiesa di Santa Maria della Pieta, where Vivaldi conducted his concerts in the seventeenth century.  The final movement, with its harmonious mix of styles, echoes the beautiful architecture of the Chiesa di Santa Maria della Salute.

Movements include:
1) Zanipolo
2) San Marco (this movements requires alto flute and english horn)
3) La Pieta
4) La Salute