Christmas Medley
flute, piano
Mary Jean Simpson
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The Flute in Worship Series - Christmas Medley arranged for Flute and Piano by Mary Jean Simpson

A medley of:
Silent Night
Away in a Manger
While By My Sheep
O Come All Ye Faithful
Joy to the World 

The arrangements in the series "The Flute in Worship" are all pieces which Mary Jean Simpson arranged for her own use in church services. When she began to create her own arrangements, flute music for use in worship was very sparse, consisting of primarily of very simple and usually very basic hymn melodies over a pretty standard accompaniment. Classical music was useful in services, but she needed pieces with which the congregation could relate through knowing the melodies and works. Writing her own arrangements also allowed the possibility of selecting well-known church music for special holidays and celebrations.

The flute parts vary from a small number of fairly simple pieces to medium difficulty and a few that are somewhat difficult. Knowing that the abilities of church pianists vary widely, she has intentionally avoided difficulty in the keyboard parts for the most part. The styles and treatments of the flute parts vary, depending on what the music itself seems to dictate.

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