Cielo e mar! from La Gioconda
flute, harp
Adams Magnificent Music
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Cielo e mar! from "La Gioconda"
Composer: Ponchielli
Trascribers: Phyllis and Monty Adams
Publisher: Adams Magnificent Music
Instrumentation: Flute and Harp

An Italian composer of the 19th century, he is mainly known for his operas.  A four act opera, it is based on a play by Victor Hugo, named Angelo, tyran de Padoue, and is a famous example of the Italian genre of Grande opera.  The title translates to mean The Happy Woman or The Ballad Singer, and each act has its own title.  Giocanda, a rival to Laura for the heart of Enzo, puts aside her own romantic love to repay Laura for saving the life of Gioconda's mother.  Barnaba, the villian, tries to seduce Gioconda, who prefers death to life with Barnaba.  This aria is in act 2, and sung by Enzo, as he stands watch on his ship.  He is waiting the arrival of Laura, singing of the sea and sky around him, along with his love of Laura. 

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