Concerto (ed.Adorjan)
flute, piano (optional second flute part)
Edition Svitzer
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Composed for the Danish flautist Holger Gilber-Jespersen during an Italian soujurn in 1926, this widely performed concerto had its world premiere in Paris on October 21, 1926.  In early January 1927, following the first two performances in Paris and Oslo, Nielsen wrote a new 72 bars longer ending.  This became the standard ending ever since the January 25th, 1927, performance.  Unlike the other two editions of this piece, this publication has re-introduced the orchestral solo parts (and important tutti passages) into the flute solo part by way of cue notes in the second system.  By doing this, it allows the chamber music-style interplay between the soloist and the solo instruments of the orchestra to form a special and unique part of the flute concerto.  The optional second flute part allows a teacher or fellow student to simulate the orchestral solo parts during studies or examinations.  It also helps the soloist gain a better understanding of the concerto, and experience its musical content.  In the absence of a pianist, the entire concerto can be accompanied by the second flute part.