Concerto for Four Flutes
4 flutes
David H. Bailey
Falls House Press
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Concerto for Four Flutes by Georg Philipp Telemann
Arranged for 4 C Flutes by David H. Bailey
Includes the following subsititute parts: Alto Flute 1 (sub for Flute 3), Alto Flute 2 (sub for Flute 4)

Telemann was one of the Baroque's most prolific composers, yet today he isn't as well known as Corelli, Vivaldi, Handel and Bach. His music is every bit as challenging and fun to play as that of his more famous contemporaries. This concerto for four flutes was originally written for four violins, and has been arranged in this exciting new edition so that it lies well on four C-flutes. The first part can also be performed on piccolo and the third and fourth parts become richer when they are performed on alto, bass and/or contrabass. This edition includes alternate alto flute parts to substitute for either flute 3 or 4, making this a very versatile concerto which sounds great when played on any of a wide number of possible combinations. The slow movements provide showcases for tone and intonation, and the allegro movements are very contrapuntal in nature, providing great opportunities for flutists to echo each other. The audiences will love this lively work from a less well-known giant of the Baroque.

NFA Winner 2007 Newly-Published Music Contest