Creatures of the Enchanted Forest
piccolo, 2 flutes, alto flute
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Creatures of the Enchanted Forest (Bitja Carobnega Gozda) by Anže Rozman
For Piccolo, 2 C Flutes and Alto Flute
Includes score and parts
Duration: 14:00

Performance Notes:
      Creatures of the Enchanted Forest was written in 2010 for the Slovenian flute quartet, Nimfs, and received its premiere in November of that year. Each movement of the piece describes one scene from the imaginary enchanted forest. When I composed the piece, I had my own little story for every movement, but I do not want to share it, since I would like to leave the story open for you to decide.
      The first movement ("Through the Enchanted Forest") is meant to slowly take the audience and performers into the realm of the enchanted forest. The second movement ("The Bird and the Predator") starts with a little bird singing its own song, but is later on interrupted by a hungry predator. The third movement ("The Evening Singer") is the softest of all three. Imagine a beautiful creature singing right before the night casts its shadows over the canopies of the forest. The last movement ("The Little Beast") is the most energetic of all the movements. The critter it describes is full of energy and always looking around to cause mischief.
- Anze Rozman

Each movement of the piece describes one scene from the imaginary enchanted forest:
Through the Enchanted Forest (Skozi Carbni Gozd)
The Bird and the Predator (Ptica in Predator)
The Evening Singer (Vecerni Pevec)
The Little Beast (Mala Zver)

Piccolo (doubles Flute)
Flute 1
Flute 2
Alto Flute


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