Daily Exercises for Piccolo (The Mazzanti Method)
piccolo solo
Theodore Presser
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Daily Excercises for Piccolo from the Mazzanti Method composed by Nicola Mazzanti
Written for piccolo solo
Includes piccolo solo 

The challenge guiding my musical research is the idea that the piccolo can also exisst as a soloist's voice, as well as part of a larger ensemble.  New literature for the piccolo, capable of satisfying any musical charm, has been composed during the past 30 years. My development of a teaching method is based on the belief that it is an instrument offering many expressive possibilities, for the piccolo can be a fascinating and enchanting instrument.  It is brilliant and playful, capable of touching the most intimate chords of our subconscious.  So - use this method with intelligence and creativity.  Always play with a musical idea in mind, including the basic exercises. Be a musician first and not only a piccolo player! To study the piccolo is also of value for quality flute performance.  We must not think that piccolo study may endanger our capability of playing the flute.  On the contrary, the greater flexibility is invaluable for the flute's study. -Nicola Mazzanti


Part 1: Sound; Discusses support of breath, the position of the larynx, and the embouchure.  Tone is developed through practice exercises involving famous melodies. 

Part 2: Scales and Arpeggios; includes discussion and exercises

Part 3: Melodies, Operas, Lieder; A selection of various pieces for practice and edification.