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Di Zhao
Handmade Silver STH
Handmade, sterling silver handcut headjoint, sterling silver body, footjoint and keys, French (open hole), soldered tone holes, pointed key arms, 10k white gold springs, B footjoint

Eight years since its inception, Di Zhao Flutes is now recognized as one of the flute industry's fastest rising stars. Combining the expertise of Boston's world-renowned flute makers with the modern day production techniques of the world's leading instrument factories, Di Zhao Flutes now produces the finest student flutes in the world, all at the same unbeatably low prices as when he first started. Now in 2014, Di Zhao is ready to return to his roots as one of the world's most foremost expert technicians in handmade flute production.

New in 2014, Di Zhao Flutes presents the first fruits of his new project: The Di Zhao Handmade Flute. Made entirely in the United States, Di Zhao Handmades both continue and enhance the Boston area's tradition of unparalleled excellence in professional flute craftsmanship. Keeping to our company's philosophy, these flutes are the most competitively priced products available anywhere, while not compromising an inch in quality.

Di Zhao Flutes has already shaken up the flute-making industry with its double commitment to impeccable quality and minimal price. Come be a part of the next step of the musical revolution, and try and Di Zhao Handmade flute today!

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