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Doppler, F.; Doppler, K. & F.; Doppler, F. & K.; Doppler, K.

With Andras & Marianne Adorjan, Michel & Kathy Debost, William & Michie Bennett, Maxence & Veronique Larrieu, Aurele Nicolet, and Hiroshi Hari, Flutes

Doppler, F. - Andante und Rondo, Op25 (2 Flutes, Piano - M. Debost & A. Nicolet, Flute)
Doppler, F. - Nocturne, Op19 (2 Flute, Alto Flute, Harp - M. Debost, A. Adorjan, Flute; M.Larrieu, Alto Flute)
Doppler, K. & F. - Fantaisie sur des Motif Hongrois, Op35 (2 Flutes, Piano, Harp - M. & A. Adorjan, Flute)
Doppler, F. - Mazurka de Salon, Op16, arranged by Kovacs (Solo Flute w/Ensemble - W. Bennett, Solo Flute; M. Adorjan & V. Larrieu, C Flutes; M. Bennett & K. Debost, Alto Flutes; H. Hari, Bass Flute)
Doppler, K. & F. - Rigoletto-Fantaisie, Op38 (2 Flutes, Piano, Harp - K. & M. Debost, Flute)
Doppler, F. - La Sonnambula, Op42 (2 Flutes, Piano, Harp - V. & M. Larrieu, Flute)
Doppler, F. - Souvenir de Rigi, Op34 (Flute, Alto Flute, Glockenspiel, Piano - A. Nicolet, Flute; M. Larrieu, Alto Flute)
Doppler, F. & K. - Valse di Bravura, Op33 (2 Flutes, Piano - M. & W. Bennett, Flute)
Doppler, F. - Fantaisie Pastorale Hongroise, Op26, arranged by Kovacs (Solo Flute w/Ensemble - A. Adorjan, Solo Flute)
Doppler, K. - Csardas, arranged by Kovacs (Flute Ensemble, Piano, Harp)