Easy Pieces for flute and piano
flute, piano
Hartmut Seidler
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Easy Pieces for Flute
Piano Accompaniments by Ursula Trexler
Flute part arranged by Hartmut Seidler

For the selection of flute pieces presented here Ursula Trexler wrote accompanying piano parts which can be mastered quite happily even by beginners, so as to allow for making music on a partnership basis right from the start. The flute student doesn't need to be afraid of "grown-ups" playing the piano, while the piano student gets accustomed to joint music-making as early as during his or her first year on instruction.

Durch das Feld (Russian Folk Song)
Die lustigen Ganse (Ukranian Folk Song)
Franzosisches Liedchen (Ch. S. Favart)
Flon-Flon (Anonymous)
Jingle Bells (J. Pierpont) Kumbaya
My Lord (Traditional)|Oh Susanna! (Traditional)
When a Knight Won His Spurs (Traditional)
For He's a Jolly Good Fellow (Traditional)
What Shall We Do with the Drunken Sailor (Traditional)
Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho (Traditional)
Santa Lucia (Th. Cottrau)
Greensleeves (English Traditional)
Steal Away (Spiritual)
Home on the Range (Traditional)
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (Spiritual)
Oh When the Saints (Traditional)
Liedchen (J. B. Lully)
Arietta (J. Haydn)
Auld Lang Syne (Scottish Folk Song)
Deutscher Tanz (nach M. Pratorius)
Festmusic (18th century)
Reign seliger Geister (Ch. W. Cluck)
Bouree (G. F. Handel)|Walzer (F. Schubert)
|Deutscher Tanz (J. C. Bach)
Londonderry Air (Irish Folk Song)
Gavotta (J. J. Quantz)
Marsch (J. S. Bach)