Echoes in the Wind
alto (or C flute), piano
Alry Publications
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Echoes in the Wind
A Native American Soliloquy
Composed by Phyllis Avidan Louke
For Alto Flute (or C Flute) and Piano
Published by Alry Publications
Includes alto flute part, C flute (or bass flute) part, and score
Duration: 7 minutes

Performance Notes: Commissioned by Sue Blessing, Echoes in the Wind evoked the image of a solitary Native American flutist playing from a mountaintop to the valley below. This piece takes advantage of the beautiful and unique sonority of the alto flute in the upper register. The haunting quality of the alto flute conveys the elusiveness of the wind, as it ebbs and flows through this piece. The opening cadenza introduces the piece with flourishes that lay well on the fingers. The piano enters with a drum-like ostinato that is embellished as the piece unfolds. An extended cadenza section appears near the end of the piece before the ending chords with the piano. Also suitable for performance on C flute or bass flute.

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