Eight Madrigals(ed.Cavally)(7C)
Southern Music Co.
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***Currently being reprinted and is unavailable at this time***


This set of 8 Madrigals for 7 Flutes was taken from eight well known madrigals for voice. They lend themselves to beautiful harmonies which are especially suitable for flutes. A variety of tempi have been selected, so different groupings can be made for programs, providing good listening.  Mr. Cavally has made the arrangements so they may be used in different combinations.

Available Combinations

Eb Flute 5 C Flutes Alto Flute in G
7 C Flutes    
Eb Flute 7 C Flutes Alto Flute (9 in all)
6 C Flutes Alto Flute  
Eb Flute 6 C Flutes  

For large flute choirs, use all parts, double up on each part.

Contents include:  DiLasso/Weary, My Heart With Thee Doth Plead....Morley/Fire, Fire, My Heart...Gibbons/Silver Swan...Morley/April Is My Beloved's Face...Bennet/Weep, O Mine Eyes...German/Shepherd's Dance...Morley/My Bonny Lass...DePearsall/When Allen-a-Dale Went a-Hunting.