Elephant and the Fly - Duo Characteristique
solo piccolo, trombone and concert band
Matt Johnston
L P Laurendeau
Alry Publications
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The Elephant and the Fly; Duo Characteristique composed by Henri Kling
Arranged by L.P. Laurendeau and Edited by Matt Johnston for Solo Piccolo, Trombone, and Concert Band
Published by Alry Publications

This newly revised edition of perennial favorite "The Elephant and the Fly" is based on the original parts published in 1918. This updated version includes a full score, in addition to a few adaptations/transpositions to accommodate modern band instruments. Lastly, each of the solo parts is transposed into a variety of keys, such that a variety of soloist combinations are now possible.

Aternate solo parts include:

1 Solo Piccolo/Flute
1 Solo Eb Clarinet/ Alto Sax
1 Solo Bb Clarinet/Trumpet

1 Solo Trombone
1 Solo Tuba
1 Solo Bass Clarinet/Cb Cl.
1 Solo Baritone Saxophone/Ca. Cl.

Band parts include:

2 Flute 1
2 Flute 2
2 Oboe
Eb Clarinet
2 Clarinet 1
3 Clarinet 2/3
2 Bass Clarinet
2 Bassoon
1 Soprano Saxophone
1 Alto alt. for Soprano
2 Alto Saxophone
2 Tenor Saxophone
2 Baritone Saxophone
2 Bassoon
2 F Horn 1/3
2 F Horn 2/4
1 Solo Cornet
2 Cornet 1
2 Cornet 2/3
Trombone 1/2
1 Bass Trombone
1 Euphonium BC
1 Euphonium TC
2 Tuba 
1 Percussion

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