Etudes In Wood
native american flute, c flute or alto flute
JP Publications
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Etudes in Wood - Duos for Native American Flute & Modern Flute/Alto Flute by Randall Snyder
Published by JP Publications
Includes 2 scores
Duration: c. 12 minutes

I.    Graceful
II.   Flowing (Alto flute)
III.  Moderate (Alto flute)
IV.   Mischievous
V.    Very Slow (Alto flute)
VI.   Delicate
VII.  Playful
VIII. Plaintive (Alto flute)
IX.   Fast and Light

"These etudes represent a continuation of a series of works for James Pellerite that feature the Native Flute in various ensemble combinations with modern instruments.  Unlike most of the music that presents the Native Flute primarily in its traditional pentatonic idiom, these etudes explore a full chromatic palette, employing typical twentieth and twenty-first century coloristic techniques such as octatonic scales and polytonality.  The Etudes in Wood have had a long and somewhat curious gestation.  Some of these etudes were originally conceived in 1994 for the Taegum, a bamboo flute I studied in Korea.  At Mr. Pellerite's suggestion more movements of greater technical difficulty were added and the instrumentation was changed to Native Flute paired with modern flute.  Finally it was determined some movements would be more effective scored for alto flute.  These pieces are designed both as technical studies and concert pieces, somewhat influenced by Elliot Carter's Eight Etudes and a Fantasy.  In addition to being played as a complete set, performers may assemble any combination of movements in any order for performance."  - Randall Snyder

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