Fantasy Pieces
Brass Wind Publications
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Fantasy Pieces
Composer: Bourgeois
Publisher: Brass Wind Publications
Instrumentation: Flute

1) Allegro Vivace...For rhythmic vitality, clear articulation over the compass of the flute, and neat execution of ornaments.
2)Presto...For double tonguing, both on repeated notes and in scale passage, and for smooth execution of grace-notes. Aim for brightness and clarity in double-tongued section, whether 'f' or 'p' and play a genuine presto, ie. crotchet=c.144+.
3)Andante espressivo...For tone, intonation, dynamic range and good control of virbrato.
4)Moderato con moto...For even-ness and flexibility, both of tone and fingering and a challenge for accurate counting.
5)Allegro con brio...For the rapid execution of 3rds and 4ths in different articulation, with some technically awkward 'corners'.
6)Allegro...For technical finger dexterity, flexible leaps, double-tonguing and trills.
7)Allegro...Quite a virtuosic piece which needs an advanced finger technique, excellent control of dynamics and intonation.
8)Allegro molto...For rapid and clear articulation over the whole compass, with a contrasting middle section which calls for accurate counting and intonation.
9)Molto espressivo ma poco misterioso...For tone and vibrato-control, flexible arabesques, neat double and flutter-tonguing, fast technique through awkward leaps, and a big dynamic range. In other words, the lot, and probably the most difficult of the pieces except perhaps #71.