Finger Fitness
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Finger Fitness by Stefan Albrecht
Flute Method Book

Finger Fitness contains the first comprehensive systemization of flute fingering patterns. The basic patterns of common fingering sequences are filtered out from over 700 possible note combinations. The aim is to practice these elemental sequences of finger movements following a similar method to that used in sports training. Exercises for scales and arpeggios then follow beginning with individual fingers and then incorporating the whole hand. "Fit for Major and Minor" contains exercises for all keys, and the sections "Building Up Individual Movements" contain all difficult flute fingering combinations arranged systematically. In a separate chapter the question "Why difficult passages are difficult" is answered on the basis of the physiology of motion, and the process of how to work on selected examples from the flute repertoire is demonstrated in "Finger Action Training."

Introduction -
The structure of "Finger Fitness"
How to practice with "Finger Fitness"
Practice tips

Fit for Major and Minor - Exercises in All Keys - 
Examples of exercises; C and a; G and e; D and b; A and f#; E and c#; B and g#; F#/Gb and d#/eb; Db and bb; AB and f; Eb and c; Bb and g; F and d)

Exercises using the complete range of the flute -
Building up finger patterns in the right hand
Building up finger patterns in the left hand
Warmin-up training

Special Exercises - 
How to avoid "intermediate notes"
Register changes
Register changes - playing with sung notes
Staccato exercises

Why Difficult Passages are Difficult

How to Practice Difficult Passages

Finger Motion in Flute Playing

Summary of Fingering Patterns

Appendix - 
Intervals arranged according to fingering patterns
Fingering Chart