Floris - The Complete Set
4 flutes, piano (see description)
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Floris - The Complete Set by Catherine McMichael
Scored for 4 C Flutes and Piano or Harp.  1st, 2nd and 3rd C Flute double on Piccolo.  
Duration: 14:00 

Commissioned by the Michigan Council for the Arts and dedicated to the flutists of Flutée. Consists of five separate pieces, all scored for parts using various combinations of flutes and piano or harp. Winner - 1994 NFA Newly Published Music Competition.

Floris is inspired by white flowers.  White, because of the silver flute, and flowers, because of their beauty and purity reminds me of the flute's sweet timbre.  The movements are Trilium, Baby;s Breath Toddle, Lily Pond, Snowdrops and Calla.  Trillium is a woodland flower, that carpets the Michigan woods when it blossoms in May.  The slanting rays of sun through the forest's high canopy glance off petals, making the forest floor appear to glow.  Baby's breath toddle is set in a boogie beat, as these busy flowers attract bees by the hundreds and all the activity reminded the composer of a hoppin' good time.  Lily pond is the setting for not only these serene Oriental plants, but also birds, minnows, little buzzing bugs, and even small frogs.  Imagine a hot summer day, not a breath of air, until gradually, a fresh breeze begins to waft through the meadowland.  Snowdrops bloom in February, and are scarcely four inches tall.  Since they open so early, they must weather several snow, ice and wind storms.  Calla is the most beautiful lily, tall, stately, slowly unfurling into a goblet shaped bloom.  A royal flower that gives a garden true dignity.