Flowers from Froso (Frosoblomster)
flute, piano
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Flowers from Froso (Frosoblomster) - Six Pieces for Flute and Piano
Composed by Wilhelm Peterson-Berger

1. Song of Summer
2. To the Roses
3. Congratulations
4. Lawn Tennis
5. At Froso Church
6. Rentree

The Frosoflowers are the first six of the original twenty-one "flowers" published in 1896 for the piano. Froson was the beloved home of the composer in the northern Swedish countryside where he escaped from the noise and congestion of Stockholm. In the Song of Summer we may imagine Peterson-Berger strolling across the summer fields on this lovely island. We may also picture him devoting himself to his favorite sport on his own court in Lawn Tennis. Remember this is a hundred years before today's very hard-hitting and high tempo tennis. Play this piece in a light and elegant way. To the Roses is melodic and sweet as a summer rose, and should be played with a beautiful legato. In the elegant Congratulations we are invited to a dance with features of the gavotte and musette At Froso Church captures the atmosphere and the glorious view from the little church near the composer's home Rentree is Peterson-Berger's testimony to his pleasure in returning to Froson. This movement was originally the opening of the suite. - Goran Marcusson

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