Flute Debut - 12 Easy Pieces for Beginners (Piano Accompaniment)
piano accompaniment
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Flute Debut -12 Easy Pieces for Beginners
Arranged by James Rae
for Individual, Group, of Whole-Class Learning 
Contains ONLY the Piano Accompaniment

This collection of twelve easy original pieces were written with the aim of providing players in the earilest stage of their musical development with solo and group performance material.  Although very elementary, the pieces are composed in a wide variety of styles in order to provide a well-balanced musical diet for the younger performer. 

Contains Piano Accompaniments for:
High Street Trot|Diva Waltz
Sahara Sunset|Funky Street
Texas Boogie
The Station Clock
The Ogre from the Big Black Rock
Lyllaby for a Llama
Big Chief Sitting Bull
I Say, I Say, I Say
Dance of the Seven Dachshunds
Marvo the Wondrous Magcian