Flute Methods, Studies, and Ensembles
Hal Leonard
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Flute Methods, Studies, & Ensembles: The Ultimate Library
Includes Sheet Music CD-ROM
Published by Hal Leonard

Altes-Method for the Boehm Flute;  Wagner-Foundation to Flute Playing;  Karg-Elert-30 Studies Op107;  Kohler-25 Romantic Etudes Op66;  Kohler-30 Virtuoso Etudes Op75;  Kohler-20 Easy Melodic Progressive Exercises Op93;  Altes-26 Selected Studies;  Bach,JS-24 Flute Concert Studies;  Andersen,J-24 Etudes Op33;  Gariboldi-20 Studies Op132;  Gariboldi-30 Easy and Progressive Studies;  Hugues-24 Studies Op32/75;  Reichert-7 Daily Exercises Op5;  Wagner-Flute Studies in Old and Modern Styles;  Bach,WF-Duet in Eb;  Bach,WF-Six Duets;  Barre-Prelude;  Beethoven-Allegro and Minuet;  Berbiguier-Six Duets Op59;  Boismortier-Sonata in C Op6#2;  Boismortier-Sonata in g Op1#2;  Bordet-Tambourins..;  Briccialdi-Allegro;  Briccialdi-Eight Duos Op132, Suite 1;  Chinzer-The Hunt;  Devienne-Presto; Devienne-Six Duets Op82;  Dietter-Romance;  Dietter-Rondo in G;  Finger-Fugue;  Furstenau-Five Little Duets;  Furstenau-Four Little Duets;  Furstenau-Six Duets Op137;  Gariboldi-Six Easy Duets;  Hotteterre-Les Fargis sur les delices;  Hugot-Four Duets;  Koechlin-Sonata for Two Flutes;  Kohler-40 Progressive Duets Op55;  Kuhlau-Duet in g;  Kuhlau-Duos Op81, Op102, Op10, Op39, Trios Op86;  Kummer-Trio Op24;  Lasso-Two Fantasies;  Legoux-Musette;  LeLoup-Sarabande;  Loeillet-Sonata in e and g for two flutes and piano;  Mozart-Duets K156,K157;  Muller-Theme with Variations;  Naudot-Two Gavottes;  Quantz-Three Duets Op2;  Reicha-Sinfonico for four flutes;  Soussman-12 Duets Op53;  Stamitz,C-Duo in d; Three Duets Op27;  Sweelinck-Duo;  Telemann-Sonata in E;  Telemann-Sonata in A for two flutes and piano;  Tulou-Duets Op102,Op103,Op104.