Flute Players Companion 2
Chester Music
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The Flute Player's Companion, volume 2 (Intermediate-Advanced)
Melodic Exercises, Studies, and Duets from the 18th and 19th Centuries
Compiled and Edited by Edward Blakeman
Published by Chester Music

Includes works by Paganini, Andersen, Soussmann and Taffanel.

      The contents of this companion have been chosen to assist the flute player's technical progress during the early years of study. Flute technique, at whatever level, consists of five main points:
      Posture is the basic poise and support of flute playing.
      Breathing and Embouchure create and direct the sound.
      Fingering translates the sound into music.
      Tonguing adds final shape and articulation.
      The ideal of good technical practice should be to master these points so that they can work effectively both independently and interdependently.
      The studies in each of these two volumes have been arranged to complement work on the Five Points of Technique. The Warming Up exercises enable the player to attend to correct posture and general technical readiness for further practice. The Tone studies help to develop control of breathing and embouchure. The Facility studies encourage dexterity of fingering, and the Articulation studies exercise the tongue in a variety of ways.
      The studies have been edited as regards phrasing and dynamics. Breathing marks, however, have been left to the individual player to add as a necessary part of exploring the musical structure of each study, and a successful study should sound like a piece of music! A few duets have also been included for ensemble practice. Brief biographical details of each composer, and the sources of the studies, are given on the Contents pages. The illustrations have been generously provided from the collection of Tony Bingham. 
      Any worthy companion should be interesting as well as instructive. Such, at least, is the aim of this collection. 
- Edward Blakeman

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