Flute Theory Workout
book, CD
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Flute/Theory Workout
By Lisa Gerner Santa, Matthew Santa, and Thomas Hughes
Published by Carolyn Nussbaum Music Co.

The Flute/Theory Workout efficiently introduces full-range scalar and chordal flute technique while introducing music theory fundamentals at the same time. Mastery of the Flute/Theory prepares flutists to then confidently explore the wealth of numerous standard and contemporary methodical studies for flute.

Scales and chords are the two most fundamental and important elements of pitch organization in music, and that is why our workout focuses on them. Your primary goal should be to play all of the scales and arpeggios in this workout with the right notes, perfectly in time and in tune, and with a beautiful sound, at whatever tempo you wish. This alone, however, does not make you fluent in those scales and arpeggiated chords; to be fluent, you must also understand the structure of the different scales, how they relate to one another, and how they are used in actual music. The Flute/Theory Workout can also be used to acquire this fluency, as well as to learn and drill other basic elements of musicianship, such as clef reading and key relations. The CD audio tracks that accompanies the Flute/Theory Workout can enhance your practice sessions in many ways. Playing the scales and arpeggios in the Flute/Theory Workout without the accompaniment audio will definitely improve your technique, but playing them with the accompaniment audio CD will not only add a little variety to your practice but also improve your rhythm, technical evenness and intonation if you make a concentrated effort to listen to the accompaniment while playing. There are three versions of The Flute/Theory Workout accompaniment audio. There are numerous ways and reasons to utilize the accompaniment audio. “The Workout” includes all exercises at a moderate practice tempo. The “Light Workout” contains selected exercises at a lower practice tempo.The “Advanced Workout” contains selected exercises at a faster practice tempo.