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From Piccolo to Contrabass Flute: Arrangements for Flute Choir
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Mozart; Bach, J.S.; Mendelssohn; Beckschafer; Acker; Delanoff

The Munich flute ensemble is entirely composed of instruments from the transverse flute family, some of which have been specially developed for this ensemble. This great range of flute family instruments also inspired a number of contemporary composers to write original works for the Munich flute ensemble. Three examples can be found on this CD. However, the orchestral works of the classical symphonic repertoire, as in the case of Bach, Mozart and Mendelssohn, are also of great charm.
The "flute choir" or "flute orchestra" ensemble has a respectable history, having emerged in the USA around 1900 from "Flute Clubs," where mainly amateurs met to share and play music. Professional ensembles were first established in Japan in 1960, and then in Europe. The Munich flute ensemble made it's debut in 1991.

Mozart - Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, K525 (flute choir)
Bach, J.S. - Suite in D, BWV1068 (flute Choir)
Mendelssohn - Sinfonia XII (flute choir)
Beckschafer - Cielo coperto (flute choir)
Beckschafer - Cielo sereno (flute choir)
Acker - Am Rande des Tages (flute choir)
Delanoff - Die Grillen von Palagione (flute choir)