Brad Garner and Michael Geoghegan, owners and makers of Garner headjoints, believe it is necessary to continue to innovate, and  strive to improve all aspects of performance related to pitch, sound production and overall ease of play.  With the Garner Headjoint, they believe that they are reducing performance obstacles that face flutists around the world.  They strive to continue to press the limits of headjoint design in order to enhance your performance.

The Garner Headjoint will improve the pitch throughout the 3-octave range of any flute without having to make major manual adjustments to your embouchure by rolling in or out or by directing or changing your airstream.  Try it with a tuner vs. your current headjoint. Garner Headjoints allow easier changes in tone colors, tonguing, jumping of octaves and less splitting or cracking of notes.  Produced in a variety of metals, many used for the first time in headjoint design, a Garner Headjoint will make your flute perform with greater ease and will enhance your playing.

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