Grandma's Christmas Quilt
2 piccolos, 6 flutes, 2 alto flutes, 2 bass flutes, contrabass flute. bells)
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Grandma's Christmas Quilt written for Flute Orchestra by Melvin Lauf, Jr.
Scored for 2 Piccolos, 6 C Flutes, 2 Alto Flutes, 2 Bass Flutes, Contrabass Flute and Bells
Includes score and parts
Duration: 3:00

"The tale of Grandma's Christmas Quilt is a story of love and beauty that one only needs to see by looking at Grany's wonderfully crafted quilts. I am one of the lucky ones, because I have one of her quilts. It was a Christmas gift from her when I was seven years old. At the time I saw it only as just a blanket.  It sure wasn't the all important toy that I wanted that year. I don't even recall what the toy was now. But Granny is gone, and I still have that blanket. Now when I am lonely for granny's touch, I pull out my "Christmas Quilt," cuddel up with it, and usually fall fast asleep in only a few brief minutes with lovely thoughts of Granny. It is my hope that you can get a moment of warmth from this three minute work. Feel granny's love. Join us for our family gathering every Christmas with all the children playing, aunts and unles socializing, dinner and presents. By the way, Granny made the best homemade noodles and cookies. Come cuddle up with me and my quilt... and Granny, too." - Melvin Lauf, Jr.