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Greensleeves - Dances, Songs & Fantasies of The Renaissance (Flute & Lute)
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Ortiz; Milan; Fuenllana; Dowland; Anon; Morley; Caccini; Caroso

Ortiz - Recercadas primera & segunda
Ortiz - Recercada segunda sobre o felici ochhi miel
Milan - Fantasia XI
Fuenllana - De los alamos vengo, madre
Dowland - My Lord Chamberlain his Galliard
Dowland - My Lord Willoughby's Welcome Home
Dowland - Lady Laiton's Almain
Anonymous - Greensleeves and Pudding Pyes
Anonymous - Running Footman
Anonymous - Lovely Nancy
Anonymous - Greensleeves to a Ground
Anonymous - Paul's Steeple, A Division
Dowland - Flow My Tears
Dowland - If My Complaints
Dowland - Smythe's Allmayne
Dowland - Mrs. Winter's Jump
Morley - Sweet Nymph
Morley - La Caccia
Anonymous - Aria di Fiorenza
Caccini - Amarilli, mia bella
Caroso - Cesarina
Caroso - Nido d'amore
Caroso - Amore felice
Caroso - Forza d'amore