Grey Larsen & Paddy League: The Green House (Irish Fl,Tin Whistle)
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Lady On The Island ; The Humours of Lisadel ; The Monaghan Twig ; The Thrush in the Straw ; The Banks of Lough Gowna ; The Cuckoo's Nest ; Fitzgerald's Hornpipe ; The Indian on The Rock ; The Wind That Shakes The Barley ; Dusk Among The Willows ; Lord Mayo ; An Cuisin Ban ; Comb Your Hair and Curl It ; The Whinney Hills of Leitrim ; A Fig for A Kiss ; O'Carolan's Daughter ; Very Kind and Gracious ; The Walls of Liscarroll ; Maguire's Kick ; The Lark on The Strand ; Old Tipperary ; Garret Barry's ; Tom Greyhan's Jig ; Sweet Iniscara ; The Morning Star ; Scotch Mary ; Music in The Glen ; Cabbage Night