Grenaditte Series: Treble flute in G, grenaditte headjoint and body, handcut headjoint, composite plastic keys, undercut tone holes, textured exterior for better grip and wood-like appearance, ergonomically designed for smaller hands, key of G

This is a revolutionary product used not only in making flutes but also for other instruments.  Its density and qualities are similar to Grenadilla wood but considerably lighter than metal or most woods.  The material is impervious to weather changes making it an excellent choice for outdoor or indoor use.

The design of the Grenaditte flute gives a broader center to each note in comparison with Boehm flutes, thus allowing the flutist to move fluidly and quickly from octave to octave.  It also allows the player more possibility of dynamics and faster response, both of which are crucial to the musical expression.  We have put a great emphasis on soft dynamics to capture every nuance possible in performance.

The material has an extremely high resistance to abrasion so your flute continues to look new even after years of playing it.  The padding system is very stable, so you need not worry about constant adjustment even if you play your flute hours each day.  The screws do allow a player to make adjustments if necessary without having to take it to a repairperson, thus saving money and time.

* Halfway between a flute and piccolo (an octave above an alto flute)

* Distinctive colour and a strong, sweet sound

* Ease of response through all registers

* Ideal for flute bands and small beginners on flute.

* Weighs only 0.43 lbs


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