Guo Harmony Flutes

The Guo Musical Instruments Company had its humble beginnings in 1988. Although their initial handcrafted flutes offered only minor alterations to the original Boehm system, in 2003 the company introduced the Cermet Flute, thereby marking the beginning of what has become a devoted journey into the innovation of flute manufacture and design. This initial step, which remains a hallmark of all GMIC flutes to this day, was characterized by the exclusive use of computerized engineering for all aspects of an instruments construction and design, allowing for a level of consistency and reliability that had simply never been available by any other previous method.

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Guo Grenaditte Flute in G (GUO-201GTFG)
Guo Grenaditte Treble Flute in G (GUO-201)
Grenaditte Series: Treble flute in G, grenaditte headjoint and body, handcut headjoint, composite plastic keys, undercut tone holes, textured exterior for better grip and wood-like appearance, ergonomically designed for smaller hands, key of G
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Guo New Voice Tenor Flute in C (GUO-NVTFC)
Guo New Voice Tenor (Bass) Flute in C
New Voice Series: Tenor (Bass) Flute in C, New Voice composite plastic headjoint and body, composite plastic keys, handcut headjoint, B footjoint.
Some colors are considered special order only. Please contact us for more information.
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