Hampton Court Palace I
piccolo, 6 flutes, alto flute, bass flute
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Keith Amos parts and score flute choir: piccolo, six flutes, alto flute, bass flute

Hampton Court Palace l
Composed by Keith Amos
For Flute Choir
Published by CMA Publications
Includes score and parts

Instrumentation: Piccolo, 6 C flutes, Alto flute, and Bass flute

1. One Thousand Rooms
2. Cardinal Wolsey
3. The Astronomical Clock
4. The Haunted Palace
5. Hampton Court Palace

      Two thousand five hundred men were employed in the construction of the 1000 room palace.
      It was built for Cardinal Wolsey in 1514 on the banks of the River Thames. Wolsey was a great statesman who presided over a period of prosperity in England. Although thoroughly trusted by Henry VIII, he still felt the need to give Hampton Court Palace to him in 1525 to retain Royal favour. 
      The Astronomical Clock is purported to stop when any long-standing resident of the Tudor palace dies. 
      Legend has it that Jane Seymour and Catherine Howard haunt the palace to this day. 
      Today, Hampton Court Palace is a well-maintained and beautifully restored building, full of authentic antiques. It is, naturally enough, a major tourist attraction.

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