Haynes Piccolos

Haynes flutes are revered worldwide by legendary artists of the past and present, including the great Georges Barrere in the early part of the century and the celebrated Jean-Pierre Rampal today. From the aspiring student to the master, the compelling presence of a Haynes instrument draws out the very best musical performance enabling instrumentalists of all levels to realize their full potential.

All of our piccolos come with a hard case and cleaning rod.

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Haynes Grenadilla Piccolo
Haynes Grenadilla Wood Piccolo
Handmade, Grenadilla wood headjoint and body, conical bore, silver keys and mechanism
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Silver Piccolo
Haynes Silver Piccolo
Handmade, all silver, conical bore.
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Displaying products : 2 from 2 (from 1 to 2), 1...

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